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When you step out in red shoes, you send a message of confidence.  

  • Confidence that you’re projecting the image you’ve chosen.  


  • Confidence about being noticed, listened to, watched.  


  • Confidence that you control the messages you send.

Red Shoe Communications gives you that confidence.  

We help you send exactly the messages you want to send, in the way you want to send them. 

Red Shoe turns executives into corporate ambassadors. Through training and coaching, we help these leaders maximise their communication skills.  Two of our most well-known programmes are presentation skills and media engagement techniques.  


Why the name Red Shoe?  Because we help you refine your messaging so clearly, you feel ready to step into red shoes and tell the world.  Metaphorically at least!

How is Red Shoe different?

The Red Shoe name represents our philosophy: Your moments in the spotlight deserve to be Red Shoe Moments. When your preparation, experience, advance planning and positive energy all come together, you communicate well. Our job is to make certain this happens.


We know putting a trainer or coach in front of senior executives is a risky step. Their time is precious and they expect to be guided by a real expert. That’s where Red Shoe steps in and delivers.


Red Shoe has been delivering consistently demanding communication training programmes since 2001.

We are honoured to have been chosen by some of the world’s best-run organisations – and immensely gratified when they return for more. We offer a few examples of the Red Shoe approach here.


> A US-based multinational chose Red Shoe to coach its head of Asia Pacific plus 18 directors over a five-year period.

> A Singapore institution that is constantly in the news employs Red Shoe to equip all its rising executives with media-engagement skills.

> One of Europe’s largest banks selected Red Shoe to teach persuasion and communication to hundreds of executives globally.

> A multinational IT leader has employed Red Shoe to train more than 550 of its Asia-Pacific executives in media engagement skills.

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