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Virtual Presentation Techniques

If you must present or lead online, you need a new set of skills.  Acquire those skills quickly to ensure you bring a compelling, engaging style to your on-screen communications.  This skillset will help you succeed with:


  • Live webcasts and webinars

  • Recorded video messages to your stakeholders

  • Virtual meetings

  • Presenting online

  • Online new-business pitches

  • TV interviews and other live broadcasts

  • Audio recordings

  • Coordinated group presentations online


Your new skillset can include:


  • Techniques to seize audience attention

  • Eye contact, expressions and body language when delivering online

  • Maintaining attention throughout your session

  • Setting up your video well

  • Holding attention in an audio-only format

  • Preparation steps to bring your best self onto the screen


Learn online how to deliver online – immediately, efficiently and most of all, effectively. 


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