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Events have more impact when Red Shoe coaches their speakers. This service makes the most of the precious hours before presenters step onstage. Red Shoe coaches guide presenters through rehearsals and skills tune-ups, usually on-site at the event venue. A large speaker lineup can be accommodated. The result is a polished delivery from the whole collection of speakers – and thus, a successful show.

Keynote Coaching for Associations/Societies

Every association/society wants to deliver their best conference. Red Shoe steps in to provide coaching to speakers just prior to delivery – improving presentations and elevating industry expertise. This results in a high-impact conference with positive feedback and evaluations that you can be proud of.

Keynote Coaching for Conference Organisers

Conference organisers want to present the best deal to clients. Red Shoe’s unique keynote coaching offering raises the profile and prestige of your event and attracts the best speakers to your conference. Stand to gain a high-quality conference programme that will make your conference stand out from the rest.

Keynote Coaching for Venue Hosts

This offering for venue hosts enhances your conference package and drives organisers to your venue. Speakers are coached in techniques like professional stage presence and vocal projection to refine their presentations. This raises the standard of the conference, distinguishing your property as the premier event venue.

Keynote Coaching for Corporate Events

Let Red Shoe’s coaches transform your corporate event speakers into confident presenters. Raise the bar of your corporate events, increase participation and enhance speakers’ audience engagement. The result – an event that will resonate with your employees for a long time.


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