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Leadership Communications

This workshop gives senior executives and those on-the-rise the awareness they need to become more focused and effective communicators. It covers a range of communications skills – content construction, vocabulary, vocal projection, body language, listening skills – together with insights the successful executive needs to ‘click’ with others easily. Role-plays include leading conference calls, handling crucial conversations, appearing on corporate videos and contributing to meetings. There are one-day and two-day agendas.

Successful Connections Masterclass

This programme zeroes in on C-level communications. Participants are skilled communicators who want to take their abilities to the highest level. The C-level executive uses this course to sharpen effectiveness in brief encounters – from formal settings to two-minute discussions – while getting the point across succinctly, staying on message and delivering a consistent image. It is ideal for a very small group of senior leaders in a six-hour format.

Attentive Listening

This unique course turns the executive’s attention to the underpinning of every good communicator. In a noisy world with far too many distractions, the leader faces tremendous challenges as a listener. Yet all good leaders recognise the need to block out distractions and listen attentively. In an immersive format based on years of study, participants become acutely aware of their own listening behaviours and make conscious choices for the future. As listening improvement is a lifelong pursuit, this workshop can be delivered in a half-day, full-day or one-day-per-quarter format.

Message Mastery

This workshop guides executives to refine the organisation’s messages for media and other important audiences. C-level executives use this space to strengthen their authenticity by interpreting corporate messages into their own soundbites and storytelling. For corporate communications teams, Message Mastery is excellent for refining or expanding on the corporate message house. It can be delivered in either a full- or half-day agenda.

The Instant Message

This workshop teaches a clean three-part structure for delivering messages that go straight to the point, capture attention and leave a strong impression. Participants gain skill by delivering short, impromptu messages with minimum preparation time based on their own content. They emerge with a skill to apply in meetings, conference calls, presentations, networking events and protocol moments. Depending on group size and seniority, this can be delivered in two to six hours.

Elevator Pitch Mastery

The Elevator Pitch represents the gold standard in concise communications. In this workshop, executives master the method. They learn much more than the core structure: this training enables them to adjust their elevator pitch to every audience every time. Repeated role-plays ensure participants emerge skilful, flexible and confident. This is a half-day workshop best suited to a group of six executives.

Masterful Moderating

The moderator workshop equips executives with facilitation skills that promote cohesive discussion and create an authentic atmosphere. Offered in a half-day format for up to 10 executives, the workshop teaches prospective moderators discussion-leading techniques that bring out the best in both panelists and the audience. Our ‘Top Tips for Moderators’ are easy to acquire and apply. Participants walk away with ready-to-use skills and techniques that enhance their natural selves.

The Polished Panellist

Successful panel discussions happen when participants contribute constructively, create thought-provoking debate, explain ideas concisely, and combine panellist dialogue with audience engagement. As a Red Shoe-trained panellist, you will bring these skills. At the same time, you will subtly differentiate your organisation. This and the Moderator Training course are also offered in combination with Communications Coaching or other Executive Communication workshops.

Panel Skills Masterclass

This session combines both moderator and panellist skills, and offers a more comprehensive experience that is ideal for smaller groups of up to 5 executives. Senior leaders preparing for a high-profile summit with multiple panel-type settings will find it invaluable in the run-up to the event. It is also ideal for a team preparing together – e.g. for a town hall or company offsite.

Leadership Storytelling

Successful storytelling inspires the mind, but most importantly, the heart. Leaders know storytelling can move their teams and external stakeholders; but crafting and delivering the right story can be difficult. This workshop helps senior leaders bring their messages to life with impactful storytelling. Leaders will acquire a sure-fire method to develop and deliver stories and, ultimately, win the confidence of their audience. This can be delivered as a half-day workshop or in combination with other Executive Communication workshops.

The Compelling Communicator

Boardroom-level communications require more than up-front presentation skills. This environment calls for heightened awareness and a deep reservoir of techniques to deliver messages concisely, keep listeners engaged and respond to changing circumstances with composure. This workshop simulates the challenges to give participants ‘muscle memory’ for high-level techniques in the highest-intensity spotlight moments.

Cross-Cultural Communication

A keen understanding of cultural differences is essential for any executive who wants to succeed in organisational life. This workshop, available in half-day and full-day formats provides participants with a holistic understanding of cultural differences with reference to the Cultural Dimensions Theory pioneered by Geert Hofstede. The programme can be tailored to suit your organisation’s unique needs.

Leading Employee Feedback Sessions

This program equips senior executives to facilitate employee feedback sessions during times of change. Leaders are armed with techniques to set the discussion up constructively, encourage employees to speak openly and handle Q&As effectively. They gain tactics for handling uncomfortable exchanges and encouraging more engagement. Participants become confident in facilitating such challenging discussions and contributing to organisation-wide change. The workshop can be delivered via videoconferencing to reach office heads who are spread around the globe.

How to Listen

This fundamental course turns the executive’s attention to the underpinning of every good communicator. It is for executives who want to become attentive listeners. In an immersive format based on years of study, the workshop helps executives recognise behavioural patterns for listening well and gain insights into how humans listen best. Participants emerge with heightened self-awareness, insights into the value of good listening and techniques for becoming a better listener. The workshop can be delivered as a stand-alone, as a two-part programme together with The Leader As Listener, or as a component of another Red Shoe communications workshop.

The Leader As Listener

Great leaders master listening to inform their decision-making, engage teams and demonstrate empathy. This workshop takes participants out of their comfort zones to confront the thinking patterns and behaviours that block them from listening as effectively as they intend. A proprietary listening framework gives them a tool to apply immediately, in the widest range of situations. The workshop can be constructed as a one-day workshop or a series of shorter interventions. Participants emerge with both strategies and techniques to improve their effectiveness and enrich their relationships.

Engagement Skills Masterclass

This immersive masterclass gives participants a set of behaviours to initiate stakeholder dialogues immediately. For leaders serious about encouraging input in two-way group encounters, this intense collection of successful speaking patterns, active listening techniques and behavioural shifts will contribute to dramatically different engagement sessions.

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