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Executive Media Engagement Skills

This is the definitive workshop for corporate spokespersons. Red Shoe’s proprietary models give participants instant understanding of their role with the media and ‘muscle memory’ for handling the complex demands of this role. The dynamic, entirely interactive format forces participants to practice skills repeatedly. Traditional and social media are covered. While the focus is primarily ‘opportunity PR’ to maximise positive messages, we also challenge participants unexpectedly to ensure they are able to stay ‘on message’. Duration and formats are tailored to the group size and seniority.

One-on-One Immersion for Media Engagements

Preparing for an important spotlight moment, like a live TV interview or media briefing? In immersion sessions which occur one week prior to the media engagement, the spokesperson will be focused on role-plays that will prepare them fully for the real event. Typically conducted in four-hour sessions, the hours can be scaled up or down depending on the executive's media-readiness and requirements.

Op-Ed Writing Training

Do your executives have opinions they want to share with a broad audience about regulation, your industry’s direction, or new initiatives that should be implemented? Is your company a thought leader or moving to position itself that way? If so, our Op-Ed Writing Workshop is an excellent way to help your team elevate their Op-Ed writing skills so that they can communicate their messages clearly and effectively to a wide audience. 

Participants will learn a proven Op-Ed writing structure and get hands-on practice writing components of an actual piece. Trainers will give feedback and answer questions in the moment to help participants course correct and create compelling content. This is an immersive and high-energy workshop that will help participants think critically and write concisely to produce effective Op-Ed pieces.

Broadcast Interview Skills

The unique demands of a broadcast interview are the focus of this workshop for senior executives. Participants learn the Do’s and Don’ts of television, radio and social media interviews in a role-play driven agenda. This workshop can be customised to a specific upcoming encounter or broadened to cover all broadcast media. It is typically a six-hour or full-day programme.

Refresher Media Training

This advanced course is for experienced spokespersons who know the ‘rules of the road’ for media encounters and want to refine their techniques. Participants will acquire skill for handling the ‘8 Top Traps’ that often trip up executives. Role-plays are finely tailored to the participants’ environments, and exercises challenge them to combine skilfulness with authenticity. This six-hour agenda is designed for up to five participants.

The Soundbite Session

Mastering the soundbite requires an acute awareness of quotable message structures. This workshop strengthens the ‘mental muscles’ of the spokesperson. Participants learn classic models appreciated by media and apply them to their own content. It is best suited to senior executives in a half-day session.

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