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Successful Presentations

This is the public speaking foundation course. It is ideal for rising executives who seek to become strong presenters. An engaging format exposes them to best practice across all areas: content organisation, delivery techniques, using audio-visual support well and handling Q&A. Participants emerge energised and confident. This is a two-day course for up to 12 participants.

Presenting With Skill

This engaging workshop is for senior executives who want their presentation style to match their expertise. Participants bring their content and use Red Shoe’s proprietary methods to draw listeners’ attention, direct focus, engage audiences and leave a lasting impression. The presenter learns to incorporate personal style while delivering a polished, extremely professional speech. Techniques include opening and closing powerfully, Q&A techniques, the ‘elevator pitch’ and higher-level voice and body language. There is both a one-day and two-day format.

Presenter's Micro-Skills

This higher-level workshop refines the executive’s public speaking skills. This is ideal for experienced presenters who want to acquire language patterns, vocal skills and body language to optimise message delivery. Participants, be prepared to learn on your feet, trying out new behaviours. Learn subtle changes that can dramatically strengthen your stage presence. This half-day format accommodates a group of two to six participants.

Top and Tail Techniques

This practical workshop gives the busy executive a solid framework for presentation-prep-on-the-go. Sometimes, you simply can’t prepare every word; yet expectations are high. With Top and Tail Techniques, preparation zooms in on the two most memorable pieces, the opener (‘top’) and ending (‘tail’). In a half-day format, executives will acquire a host of opening and ending techniques that will frame the presentation and ensure memorability. This half-day workshop is designed for two to six participants.

Q&A Mastery

This is the ideal session for executives to hone their Q&A techniques. In a brief, role-play driven format, participants will acquire speaking structures and physical patterns to maintain composure while answering on-the-spot. It can be done in a half-day format, or as part of a larger workshop.

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