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Crisis Communication Skills

This workshop equips senior executives to protect the brand when media scrutiny descends during an emergency. Participants learn skills they can call upon years later because the intensive, exercise-dominant format puts the skills in their ‘mental muscle’. Each workshop is customised to a specific scenario relevant to the organisation. It can be further tailored to address either seasoned communicators or operational leaders who could be suddenly thrust into the spotlight. It is a full-day workshop.

Crisis Communication Refresher

For experienced leaders, Red Shoe offers a six-hour and four-hour refresher version of Crisis Communication Skills. A realistic scenario remains at the core, and a variety of media encounters ensures each participant revisits and strengthens the response skillset.

The Spokesperson Immersion Session

For the organisation’s primary spokesperson, a more demanding approach is needed. This one-on-one training ensures the entire skillset is acquired, tested and re-tested. It exposes the corporate spokesperson to unexpected challenges, readying the individual for the toughest of roles. It typically comprises 8-12 hours of immersion. New spokespersons typically space this experience over a few days; those facing an immediate crisis can participate in a more concentrated timetable.

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