Issues and Crisis Communications Primer

This seminar gives communicators a primer on how issues and crises are best managed from a corporate communications viewpoint. Both novices and seasoned professionals will gain insights on how companies can best handle communication challenges when their companies’ reputations are likely to be, or are already, facing serious threat. Case studies are a core component for highlighting both best practices and the grave mistakes that are often made. This full-day format is best suited to a group of four to 12 executives.

Crisis Communication Skills

This workshop equips senior executives to protect the brand when media scrutiny descends during an emergency. Participants learn skills they can call upon years later because the intensive, exercise-dominant format puts the skills in their ‘mental muscle’. Each workshop is customised to a specific scenario relevant to the organisation. It can be further tailored to address either seasoned communicators or operational leaders who could be suddenly thrust into the spotlight. It is a full-day workshop.

Emergency Call Centre Skills

This workshop complements Crisis Communication Skills to ensure all public-facing representatives deliver a consistent message. It gives call centre professionals specific skills for delivering messages to the public. It is suitable for impromptu teams as well as those working daily in call centres. In a highly interactive format, participants learn specific language for emergency situations and techniques for self-management. This is a full-day workshop.