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Persuasive Intelligence

This unique workshop harnesses a Red Shoe-created model for influencing. Persuasive Intelligence provides a framework for understanding the audience - be it a large group or just one individual - and choosing the techniques most likely to achieve success with that audience. Participants quickly become adept at sizing up an audience, determining core motivators, and choosing the behaviours most likely to succeed. Mastering the method requires a two-day agenda; mini-modules can be tailored to shorter periods or incorporated into other Red Shoe workshops.

A Dozen Ways to Persuade

This workshop zeroes in on the 12 Persuasive Intelligence Techniques developed by Red Shoe. Participants quickly grasp specific patterns that persuade and practice using their own content. While this highly interactive 1.5-hour session can be delivered as a stand-alone module, it is even more powerful as a follow-on for groups that have learned the Persuasive Intelligence principles.

Successful Negotations

Collaborative problem-solving is the essence of Red Shoe’s approach to negotiations. This workshop gives executives the tools to analyse and manage negotiations on any topic using a relationship-based approach. The agenda, case studies and exercises can be tailored to the seniority of participants. A two-day course gives those new to negotiations a solid foundation; a full-day agenda gives busy senior leaders higher-level skills.

Get off the I-Land

Great presenters move beyond self-consciousness to focus on the audience. Red Shoe’s proprietary concept challenges the communicator to step off ‘I-Land’ and reach audiences successfully by taking their perspective. This reframe is delivered in an entertaining yet provocative manner as a one-hour speech.


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