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eAGM coaching Singapore


eAGM Coaching Online

Present your organisation’s best impression during your Virtual AGM.


Your Online Annual General Meeting will send a strong message of good governance, transparency and respect for investors. Ensure your team puts its best face on-screen with coaching to maximise every board director’s presence.


eAGM Coaching tunes up the virtual presence of directors and the leadership team as you prepare to host the remote shareholder meeting.  This is extremely important since the image on the screen is the entire experience for your investors. Facial expressions, vocal quality, movement and other micro-behaviours take on magnified importance in these situations.


With Red Shoe’s coaching, your entire board will emerge ready to:

  • Position themselves for ideal on-camera presence

  • Speak naturally to the remote shareholder audience

  • Manage eye contact appropriately

  • Handle their facial expressions while listening

  • Transition to other speakers smoothly

  • Speak with authority when sharing visuals on screen


Your eAGM Coaching is delivered online, extremely efficiently, by deeply experienced leadership communication coaches.  Bring your Board together for a session that will orchestrate your board dynamics and ensure the entire Annual General Meeting is delivered with polish.

Your eAGM is an opportunity to showcase your organisation’s resilience, composure and professionalism. Red Shoe will help you make the most of this showcase.


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