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C-Level Communications Coaching

Time is a precious resource for C-level executives. This coaching package is designed with that principle in mind. Our most senior coach engages C-level executives in demanding, highly interactive sessions. The specific skills, messaging content and role-plays are all determined by the client’s agenda. Sessions are 1.5 hours long, and a typical package calls for 8-10 hours of coaching.

Communications Coaching - Senior Executive

This coaching shepherds the executive who is assuming a demanding role. It is ideal for newly-appointed leaders who need to inspire teams and represent the organisation to influential audiences. The work focuses on communications skills, equipping the executive with a host of techniques for spotlight moments such as presentations, conference calls and impromptu ambassadorial roles. The number of sessions is completely depending on the needs identified.

Executive Presence Coaching

As executives move up the corporate ladder, their roles demand professional congruence – one message delivered not only through the substance of their work, but also in their delivery style. This coaching helps the rising executive bring together all forms of communication on one common personal platform. A package can include 6-20 hours of coaching, depending on the individual’s needs.

Media and Messaging Coaching

Senior executives with a scarcity of time turn to Red Shoe for on-the-spot coaching in media handling skills. Coaching draws from Red Shoe’s proprietary media training materials, giving the executive only the techniques required to fill out the portfolio of techniques. These sessions are 1.5 hours long, and most executives choose a package of four sessions.

Speech Coaching

Red Shoe speech coaching zeroes in on stage presence and delivery. The executive refines public speaking skills and confidence through a rigorous programme of skills acquisition and practice. This is ideal for the executive who is ready to step onstage and experience a ‘Red Shoe Moment’ – a moment in the spotlight when preparation meets presence, and greatness results. Depending on the experience of the speaker, this package can range from two to ten sessions.

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