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3 Things to Remember Before Your Virtual “Hello”

For virtual meetings you aren’t hosting, do you normally take the time or effort to prepare for them? Do you read the agenda before the meeting commences or do you plunge right in? Do you prepare some notes to share in the session?

Like it or not, investing a bit of thought and effort before your meeting will go a long way in shaping what others may think of you. If pressed for time, here are 3 simple things you should automatically do before your meeting starts.

  • Test your audio and visual settings. Ensure your face is well lit from the front, and that your background looks neat, attractive and professional. Raise your laptop so that the webcam is level with your eyes, whether seated or standing. Aim for a pleasant framing on the screen with a small gap above your head. For ladies who especially want to look their best, some platforms like Zoom even have a “beautify” video feature! Then turn on Mute and Video Off. Only when you’re fully composed and ready to join the meeting, Unmute your audio and turn the Video On.

  • Always have your document, notes or spreadsheet open on your desktop. This allows for efficient, seamless screen sharing when the chance to present comes up.

  • To help you focus your attention fully on the virtual session, switch off all your laptop’s / device’s notifications. These can easily distract you and disrupt your presentation flow and thoughts.

Bring your professional presence into every situation. Red Shoe coaches executives to be conscious of and deliberate in their choices when communicating.

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