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How to Hold Great Online Meetings

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

In a virtual world, the act of coordinating projects, processes and work flows amongst teams in remote locations has become much more challenging – yet it’s also critical to your success.

So what are the key considerations for productive and effective online meetings? Here are some practical points you can consider:

  • The ideal duration of a video meeting is 40 – 60 minutes. Use this time wisely.

  • Alert your team in advance and inform them that video will be expected, or give them video/no video options. Your team will immediately grasp your expectations of them.

  • Send them an agenda when you arrange the meeting so everyone knows the meeting’s expected duration. No one likes a meeting that drones on and on aimlessly.

  • Give data, reading materials or background briefing sheets in advance where possible. This allows everyone to know the issue ahead of the meeting and be effective on the call. Remember: their participation and contributions are key.

  • Open the meeting with a summary of the topic or issue to be discussed. Keep this short: think Summary On A Page (SOAP).

  • Assign a timekeeper to ensure the meeting moves at an appropriate pace.

  • Encourage different members of your team to speak. Ask your team to raise their hand before speaking so they don’t talk over each other. This is a sure way for everyone to stay attentive and engaged.

  • Five minutes before the meeting ends, ask one or two members of your team to summarise the discussion and action plans.


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