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The Power of Your Words

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Here’s a great way to improve as a communicator: Choose your words deliberately.

That sounds simple. But frankly, few of us do it. Very often, we choose the first phrase that pops into our mind.

What’s wrong with that popped-into-my-mind phrase? Chances are, it doesn’t represent your true meaning. Even worse, it could send your listener down a totally distracting mental path.

The listener takes in your words and processes them. What words do you want your listener processing?

Choose the words you want the other person to think about. Choose the words you want them to associate with the memory of you and your message.

Precise word choice gives the listener processing efficiency and increases your chance of being understood.

Rather than ‘We had a pretty good quarter’, describe what happened. ‘We increased sales 16%’ gives the listener much more clarity. ‘We surpassed our target for the 12th consecutive quarter’ really shows me how well you’re doing.

Although it takes more preparation to be precise, spending that extra time to choose your words will help ensure your message is received exactly the way you intend.

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