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The Virtual AGM Takes the Spotlight

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Are you preparing for your first virtual AGM?

It may seem daunting, but an eAGM presents an opportunity for your business to showcase its resilience, composure and professionalism.

To investors, your behaviour in this new environment will send subtle-yet-strong messages about how the organisation is handling the uncharted waters of 2020.

How do you ensure both the board and management lead shareholders through the AGM with the right level of polish? How do board directors look into a screen and share the organisation’s good governance practices with confidence?

Over the next few weeks, we will run a series sharing answers to some of the questions our clients ask as they plan their virtual AGMs. We hope these will help you prepare for and deliver polished events that strengthen your organisation’s relationship with this key stakeholder group.

As you join us in this series, we encourage you to keep one important thought in mind: What would an investor think? Step into the investor’s mindset with the myriad of data swirling around, the endless questions and hypotheses bringing new pressures to the investing process. This mindset shift will provide your most valuable guidance during this important new stage in your organisation’s maturity and your directorship career.


Red Shoe coaches boards and management for a successful virtual AGM.  This article is part of a series on executive presence in an eAGM.

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