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Your Memory of Success

Here is a great way to get yourself into a resourceful state before a big presentation. Think of a ‘YES’ moment – when you landed the big job, scored the winning goal or emerged triumphant under pressure. Enjoy that memory for just a moment.

When you revisit that memory, you instantaneously re-activate the state you were in: joy, confidence, a heavy dose of self-esteem. Indeed, neuroscientists have discovered that memories are formed as the hippocampus combines the diverse elements from an event to recreate a vivid recollection. So, as you recall the memory, you will feel a diverse flood of empowering emotions flowing through. Now, this state can be a very resourceful one for you.

Accessing a memory of success is a powerful self-management technique. According to the book Primal Leadership by Daniel Goleman and his co-authors, self-management has these traits: self-control, transparency, adaptability, achievement, initiative and optimism.

Accessing a memory of success will help you acquire these qualities. It will pump you up before you step onstage or start a difficult conversation. You will manage your mental and physiological state by re-accessing the former state of success and bringing it to your current self.

At the same time, accessing a memory of success reframes your mind, calming you down before you take that big step out of your comfort zone. 

It can thus be an incredibly empowering technique –– similar to you stepping into a suit of armour and readying for battle. Just recall the successful moment, relive it a bit, and take the mindset and emotions it generates into your new challenge.

To put accessing a memory of success to work, start by doing something simple and small. Create your Memory of Success list on your phone, in an easy-to-find place. Use minimal words. All you need is the reminder of the moment. Your mind and body will do the rest.

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