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Red Shoe Communications Online Coaching


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know if the Grow From Home programme is for me?

A: Very likely you have worked a few years, seen your leader make a great impression and desire to take your communication skills to a higher level. You also probably have frequent interactions with staff, senior management, clients, stakeholders, investors or even board members. Through daily practice plus individual communications coaching, you will gain new skills, sharpen your delivery and emerge a more polished speaker who captivates audiences.


Q; How much time should I allow for this programme?

A: Allow two consecutive weeks and about 10 minutes a day with additional practice woven into your regular workday. You can pick any Monday you wish to start.


Q: What can I expect from it?

  • Receive daily tips every Monday to Friday for two weeks to grow your communication skills

  • 5 opportunities to submit a video recording for coach’s review and receive an email critique on:

    • Day 1

    • Day 3

    • Day 6

    • Day 8

  • 2 live, 30-minute coaching sessions on:

    • Day 5

    • Day 10


Q: When can I start?

A: Payment should be made at least 2 working days before GFH commences. Once payment is made, you can start on the next Monday or a Monday of your choice. We encourage you to allocate two consecutive weeks when you are confident you can successfully complete this programme.


Q: Can I pause half-way and continue when my schedule allows?

A: This 2-week programme runs continuously so it’s not possible to pause mid-way.  It is designed to help you grow your skills daily and combine them consciously and deliberately for success. Your learning outcomes will be maximised by this intensive approach. We strongly recommend you to pick your Monday start date very carefully with the intention to complete the 2 weeks in one go.


Q: Can I get a refund if I cancel? 

A: We do not offer refunds for cancellations. Please affirm your commitment to this two-week programme before you register and make payment.


Q: Can I pick my start and end dates?

A: You can indicate which Monday you’d like to start. You can also pick your preferred time slot for the two 30-minute coaching sessions at the start of your programme. 


Q: Can I get a refund  for non-completion? 

A: Unfortunately no. We encourage you to register when you are confident you can complete it within two weeks.


Q: Can I postpone my coaching sessions after they have been agreed and confirmed?

A: The coaching session is scheduled at the start of the programme. If you are unable to make the scheduled time, please let us know immediately and we will find a compatible time.  A minimum of 48 hours’ notice is required for any changes.


Our cancellation policy:

  • Coaching dates can be changed by mutual agreement up to 48 hours prior to the original date with no penalty.  

  • If a session is cancelled with less than 2 working days’ notice, the session is forfeited.  The same applies for a no-show on an agreed coaching date.


Q: Will I get a certificate upon completion?

A: You will receive a Red Shoe certificate of completion (pdf format) to confirm that you have successfully completed the programme, your assignments and coaching sessions.


Q: What technical and digital set-ups do I need to undertake the GFH course?

A: You will need to provide your email address for the daily tips. Before the live coaching session, you will need to download the Zoom app ( and click download “Zoom Client for Meetings”).  Please ensure that your desktop’s or laptop’s webcam or built-in camera, microphone and speakers are all working well.


Q: What modes of payment are available?

A: We accept payment by PayPal. Singapore-based participants can also pay by PayNow.


Q: Can I register more than one participant to GFH?

A: Each participant must register individually with that person’s email address.  If you are signing up on behalf of one or more colleagues, please provide each individual’s details during registration after ensuring their agreement to undergo and complete the programme.


Q: What material / topics does the programme cover?

A: GFH will heighten awareness of your choices when communicating your messages. Under the guidance of a personal coach, you acquire new techniques to bring your best self into every situation. Topics covered include vocal articulation and projection, vocal variety (pace, pitch, tone, volume, pauses), precise word choices, gestures, posture and body language, understanding purposeful communications, preparation steps and self-management. It also gives specific guidance for projecting yourself well on video calls.


Q: Is there a group discount?

A: Please contact for groups of 5 or more.

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