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Red Shoe Communications Singapore

Is your board ready for the virtual AGM?
✓ Present financial results
✓ Showcase good governance 
✓ Demonstrate successful leadership 
✓ Present company performance 
✓ Connect with shareholders

Let Red Shoe coach your board for  the eAGM

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Virtual AGM in Singapore
The Virtual AGM Takes the Spotlight
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1 min read
Prepare for a virtual AGM in Singapore
Your Virtual AGM:
Four Questions Answered
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2 min read
Virtual AGM Red Shoe Communications
Live Q&A in a Virtual AGM?
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2 min read
Why Choose Red Shoe?

Deep experience with listed companies


19+ years of training and coaching senior leaders in communications


Highly skilled experienced trainers

Coaching skill that brings out the leaders’ best qualities – naturally 

eAGM coaching in Singapore
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